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[NULL] Fight between the Journalism and Fake News (Intro, Muqing Chen, Group 6)

According to the article “Media panel: Combat ‘fake news’ with real journalism,” there is one quote is the main way to represent how journalism fight with fake news. “As a former journalist and educator, I have the say that the antidote to fake news is journalism – real news as reported by trained professionals who have a track record over time and whose work is fact checked and verified,” Journalism refers the fact news, which all of the information are true. However, the fake news is released in order to achieve a certain purpose and use false information to deceive the care of a kind of public opinion. Fail to reflect the objective things natural, contains the false reports. Therefore, in this case, the objective facts, news reports is the first thing to do, insist on the authenticity of the news. The most basic to the journalists and the news media, and most important requirement. False reports, false information through different channels appear in different media. Adhere to the principle of news authenticity is the reality, life and the populace, with a high degree of social responsibility and full of enthusiasm, reflect national construction and social development achievements and progress in all its aspects.

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