Globally, information technology has become one of the key elements in developing knowledge for many people. Google is one of the biggest search engines that people use online nowadays. There are so many sources that we can easily approach just by clicking and connecting online. We can not only search for information on Google, but we can also search for news, pictures, and videos to satisfy our needs. However, since we have Google doing all the research and hard work for us, it makes me think if Google really is a helpful tool or a tool that is just making us stupid?

In the article, “Is Google making Us Stupid”, the main argument author, Nickolas Carr is trying to state is that as the internet becomes our primary source of information, it is starting to affect our ability to read books and other longer articles. Even though Google offers efficiency because they must give truth to the public, it is flattening our abilities to use our brain’s learning experience during the process. The author gives a very throughout statement saying how text on the websites is supposed to make browsing and researching for information fact and profitable. Carr is saying that the internet is set up to make money for the advertisement companies and how our critical thinking skills are effecting during the process. He arounds up his argument by describing the things we have lost in the shift from using the internet as our main research source. Also, Carr quoted a scene from the 2001: A Space Odyssey to state his thoughts on the computers. Instead of identifying a robotic human in the scene, he used the word computer.

The same magazine that printed Nicholas Carr’s article, printed Jamais Cascio’s article “Get Smarter”, one year later to give a further and different opinion. Cascio talked about the modern technology in his article. He believes that all things in our life that involves the internet are all connected together, and is there for all of us to learn and improve our intelligence. “It is easy to mistake more voices for more noises”, Cascio simply stated in his article. He argued that information technology has made smarter not stupid, and that people are more focused today in a kind of thinking the scientists call “fluid intelligence”. This means that with these amount of information we pick up every day from the social media or the technology we connect with and remember it without even thinking. Cascio strongly believes in technology of the future, and he expects to see powerful collaborations between mankind and technology. To further concerns of using Google or other information platform, “Google isn’t a problem; it’s the beginning of a solution.” Cascio said in his article.



No matter what, Google is certainly one of the biggest modern technology for people who uses the social media now. From this picture, we can see what the teens and adults use Google to do. For example, we can see over 38 percent of the teens use Google for directions and 31 percent of the teens use it as a tool when they do homework. On the other hand, we can see a high amount of adults’ usage as well. Over 40 percent of the adults ask Google for directions and all kinds of other daily tasks.

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