According to author JULIE WILSON, hot selfies was generally made well known by Hollywood, especially through big names like the most youthful individual from the Kardashian family, Kylie Jenner, who’s known for posting suggestive selfies, when she was a minor (Wilson, Julie). Nowadays, the trend of media seriously affects the definition of beauty for young girls. This article pointed out that more and more young people are impacted by the word “sexy girl”. In their vulnerable age dressed like a modern woman with a bare chested mini skirt and mouth always painted in red color, as if “sexy little beauty”. In addition, some young girls posted their nude photos on the internet, or allowing their boyfriend to take their nude-photos to make their own porn videos. This kind of imprudent conduct has been totally standardized through innovation and a general misfortune in qualities, leaves young girls helpless against sexual predators (Wilson, Julie). Due to social media advocates “sex” phenomenon, young girls are changing their mind to an open direction. They don’t realize sexuality has negative effects, whereas, they think that sexual attraction is their value.


In the article “The Disturbing Sexualization of Really Young Girls”, it described that a current review found that girls as youthful as six years desired to be dolls who were wearing a provocative path contrasted rather that the dolls who were dressed fashion but conservatively (Taylor, Jim). That is to say, girls show their personality by imitating older women or toys around them, and the concept of sexual orientation will weaken their confidence and satisfaction of body, so they may easy to feel ashamed and anxious.


The author Eileen L. etc. analyzed diverse evidence for the sexualization of girls in different types of media. For instance, they demonstrated the data in television “11.5% of the verbal sexual messages coded involved sexually objectifying comments, nearly all of which were about women” (Zurbriggen 5). Compared to men, women are a product of sexuality and this coding method is to establish the “male gaze”. It is the traditional concept of paternity. Also, the exhibitionist role expressed on women were shown, their pretty appearance is encoding to achieve a strong visual effect and sexy image. To define the male gaze of his fantasies is depending on the needs of female image types. This kind of media orientation may mislead young girls about their self-value assessment. Moreover, the media affects young girls from propagating R-rated movies too. “In R-rated movies of the 1980s, instances of female nudity were reported to exceed those of male nudity in a 4 to 1 ratio” (Zurbriggen 6-7). Today’s Hollywood film is full of gender imbalance, it advocates that feminine glamour is the carrier of male sexual desire. If the audiences are standing in the male-position to enjoy movie, they must can feel the reality that film provided from the perspective of the “male gaze”. Because the celebrity effect is one of the trend of fashion, young girls will be mistaken that sexy is the mainstream. Or they might imitate the movie fragments to satisfy their sexual desire which caused by curiosity.


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